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How to pay the purchase of certificates

How to pay certificates on gold and silver

Jewelries from gold 585˚ and silver 925˚ you can purchase only in the shops of network of B2B jewelry, and in the personal cabinet to buy gift certificates "Silver" and "Gold".

For the feasance of purchase you need to be the registered participant of business-project B2B jewelry. You can conduct registration independently on an official site or to design registration in a shop at registration of purchase of jewelry.

How to design a purchase in the personal cabinet?

Call on reference КАБИНЕТ enter a telephone number and password that you specified during registration. In a menu press on a point «Shop».

Further you choose type of purchase, now it is certificates «Silver» and «Gold».

Page for the feasance of purchase in a cabinet B2B jewelry

Participate, teach other, as it works, and then teach him, how to teach third it to repeat, - and success is assured.

  1. The course of currencies on that takes place converting, he is taken into account also at the conclusion of money on Perfect Money;
  2. Form of order, on a picture the most popular purchase is shown — certificate «Silver», because on him the greatest percent of cashback is charged extra. Jewelries it is better to buy in the shops of network. In the update version of site, a small window is already offered on a sale jeweller decorations, but assortment in shops while far anymore;
  3. Input of sum of purchase. Pay attention, that at a purchase from Balance (re-invest) the minimum sum of purchase makes in all 200 hrn, and at a purchase with introduction of the personal funds minimum sum from 1000 hrn (40$). It is needed also to understand that will reinvest difficult, if a primordial purchase is done on a sum in a few thousand hryvnias.
  4. Button for a feasance purchases from Balance;
  5. Button for the feasance of purchase with introduction of new monetary resources to the project.

Since you will specify the sum of purchase  — press «To buy», you will readdress on the page of confirmation of purchase.

Completion of purchase of certificate

Before the feasance of purchase through on-line payment, make sure in that limit of internetpaying for Your map there is a not less sum of purchase. After it, in a form «Confirmation of purchase» put a small flag «Payment on-line» and push the button «To pay».

Purchase with a help Perfect Money

Another way to accomplish a purchase — it to use the system of e-Payments Perfect Money (PM). For this purpose you must register the account of PM and prescribe his number in the profile of your personal cabinet.

For a purchase it is needed to have a sum multiple 50$ on Perfect Money, take into account commission of the system 2% for realization of transactions, id est a sum on your account must be on 2% more than you want to invest in a project B2B jewelry. For example, if sum of investments 300$, that you must to translation have on an account PM 306$.

Then you choose: what want to buy certificate «Gold» or «Silver». I remind that profitableness of certificate on silver higher. Write a sum, press after «To buy». On the next page of confirmation of order you need to specify the purse from Perfect Money in a format U00000000. Looking him is possible in the cabinet on Perfect Money.

Wallet Perfect Money

Specifying data on delivery and number of purse for payment of bonuses press «To pay» and we pay through an interface Perfect Money.

Payment with Perfect Money -1 Payment with Perfect Money -2

After payment a certificate will appear in a division «My Purchases».

Division «My purchases»

If you were not yet registered in Perfect Money, that to you here.

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