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About us

«В2В Jewelry КАРАТ» - one of leaders of the Ukrainian market of jeweller decorations already 20 years, during that, a company not only comes forward the guarantor of quality and reliability of own products but also corresponds to all trends and breathing of so changeable fashion.

History of jeweller plant is "Charm" due to that it was a project is created “В2В Jewelry”, begins with the little jeweller workshop created as early as 1999 to the year. That had a dream, to engage in not only realization but also to create and produce decorations from noble metals. 

To date, “В2В Jewelry” - it is a standard of the best quality that is tested for years. The line of products charges extra about thousand models the variety of that will satisfy taste of any customer. 



B2B Jewelry” creates a product due to that you will underline the individuality, voice feel and emotions to near, capturing them in the real work of jeweller art from “В2В Jewelry”. 

Exactly for you is наши expensive clients, we create original jewelries of high quality, that will make happy you long and long years! 


Jewelries of own production “B2B Jewelry”, executed with very tall control of quality on modern Italian one equipment. We use the best precious metals and stones only, corresponding to the European standards. The design of wares is developed by highly skilled by masters of jeweller business.

Decorations from “B2B Jewelry” not simply beautiful - they do more beautiful than those, who carries them!



All jewelries that enter shops "In 2В Jewelry" pass verification in the assay office of Ministry of finance. Authenticity and quality of jewelries “В2В Jewelry” confirmed by a presence on him of state hall-mark, and also by a brandname label.