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How to begin?

We open huge possibilities for your earnings! To get cashback from the investments or build a career in В2В - to decide only to you. Together with us you can not simply change the life to the best, and to heave up the level of profit on the European level. Every active partner of project В2В can get rewards as bonuses.

In an order to begin a career in a company B2B, you must accomplish a purchase on a sum from 1000 hryvnias. After confirmation, you become the partner of company automatically. Already in two weeks you get it first cashback, the here bought good remains for you! Besides it, for you opened access for invitation other participants in the system. Due to what, you can promote the profit in times!

My network

Every new participant from your name strengthens your cashback as bonuses from all purchases, perfect at his fate. A bonus will be charged extra you is a percent from the sum of purchase, that is equal to the difference your grades . And also every purchase is included in your total sales.

Recommending to purchase jewelry in a project, you will get from 8% cashback from each successful collaboration (Sales). Naturally, if the attracted man will begin to line up the own network, that in this case you will get a large referral percent for all subsequent purchases, accomplished by the customers invited by you; automatically there is an extra charge to you referral bonuses.

In order that you intelligently and confidently could recommend other, it is necessary to be registered and become the participant of project; and you will know how all of it works, you will be able calmly to answer all questions, that set you, on the basis of the experience, to give to recommendation with a clean conscience, as a result, it will be raise your business.

Participate, teach other, as it works, and then teach him, how to teach third it to repeat, - and success is assured.

Referral bonuses

Every new participant from your name strengthens your earnings as bonuses from all purchases accomplished at his fate. A bonus will be charged extra you - percent from the sum of purchase, that is equal to the difference of your grades. What higher your grade, the anymore your percent. Every purchase is accomplished by the participant of your network, included in your total sales.  If the participant of your structure has the same бонусный percent, as for you, you temporally stop to get bonuses from his structure until then, while will not pass to the next stage of quarry grade and will not increase the percent of bonus. Referral bonuses are paid every Monday! Referral bonuses are paid one time, but for every purchase accomplished by your by the invited customers.

Stair of success

We entered the flexible system of grades. What higher your grade, the more bonuses you get. Your grade depends on the volume of sales in your network. With every new purchase done from your network (on your name, or name of your partners) your level of cashback grows.

In transition on a new grade, your bonuses percent increases from sales.

You want to begin the business and earn anymore? Want to be sure in a morrow? Worked out a Business-project В2В system, giving an additional opportunities to the active participants of project В2В.

We created the flexible story system of sum of purchases of all your network for you, for passing to enhanceable percent of bonus, that gives an opportunity to activate the work you on any stairstep of success.

Such character is work out the balanced system, when you are advantageous and to develop the first line, and to help to develop to the partners of your network, independently, on to what depth from you they are registered.

How to increase a grade

  • Accomplish purchases
  • Bring new customers over
  • Invite to the collaboration of new people

Divided by the successful experience that you get, becoming the participant of project В2В, you will help also to begin the way to success and many other.

Table of receipt of bonuses


As works conveying an invitation certificate?

Since grade the Senior manager for you appears additional instrument for expansions of your network are the "Conveying an invitation certificate". With each the amount of the Conveying an invitation certificates increases on a subsequent grade one.

With a help Conveying an invitation certificate you can acquaint any acquaintance with By a Business-project В2В.

Man that you invited, will get for 50 hrn.s weekly on Fridays, on the bank map, 52 times, and you will get a referral bonus corresponding to your grade. If invited accomplishes a man purchase, returns you Conveying an invitation certificate for the repeated use. Invitation does not have limitations are in the repeated uses.

For invitation you need in the personal cabinet to enter telephone number, after invited смс will come with reference to registration. After invitation goes into effect registration. If the invited was not registered in the flow of 3th twenty-four hours, the Conveying an invitation certificate will return you.

When the your invited accomplishes purchases minimum from a 1000 hrn, that a conveying an invitation certificate returns you back.


Why it is needed to begin?

  • For the start of career it is not needed to do large investments
  • You work on itself
  • Rapid and easy method of increases of arrived
  • You do not need an office
  • Wide scope of audience
  • Gifts and bonuses at a height

Your prosperity depends on your own decisions.