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Bonus system

What bonuses system?

A product offered in a "Business-project" is jewelries from golds 585˚ и silver 925˚.

Becoming the participant of project В2В KARAT, you get unique possibility to begin to work on the purchases. Acquiring jewelries in the network of salons of В2В KARAT or on a site the internet of shop of TH KARAT, all customers become the clients of project В2В KARAT and cashback get, corresponding it to the purchase. The extra charge of cashback takes place equal stakes 52 times for a year, . You return from 88% in the flow of year from the sum of purchase!

Due to our unique бонусной system, you return from 88% in the flow of year from the sum of purchase! Registration in a project В2В KARAT is free of charge, duties before a company for you are not present. You simply become the authorized user!

Table of receipt of bonuses


On an example in detail we will consider the table of bonuses on a category SILVER.

By purchasing a certificate for a silver product in the amount of $ 100, you get a maximum cashback of $ 280 per year, at $ 5 per week. Every week there are accruals to your account in your office, cashback from the cost of the product. Amount of payments - 52. If good remains for you!

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