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About a company B2B

Business a project B2B offers unique possibility of cashback at the purchase of jewelries in a network jeweller salons of company, and also in the internet shops.

B2B — quickly developing, progressive, subject to no economic cataclysms company.

Principal reason of our success is a wise, span-new exclusive marketing plan, worked out and carefully expected jointly with our European partners, passing adaptation to difficult Ukrainian economic space.

Due to a project B2B, our commodity increased the popularity among a population, that resulted in the increase of commodity turnover, competitiveness, consequently, to the receipt of huge income. Exactly this income and will give an opportunity to reward the participants of Business-project B2B as cashback.

Why it is needed to become the participant of project В2В?

Taking part in our project, you get not only high-quality jewelry from gold and silver, but also return for him facilities as cashback!

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    Reliable deposit

    Jewelry remains for you

  • #

    Real cashback

    Cashback from a 88% cost

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    Quality wares

    Jewelries from gold 585˚ and silver 925˚ done on the European standards

  • Stable payments

    Payments every Friday

  • Passive profit

    Develop the network and earn anymore

  • Permanent bonuses

    Promote the grade and get gifts


First earnings already in two weeks

Want to get a stable profit every week? It is needed for this purpose, just, to accomplish your first purchase in a partner cabinet В2В.

Acquiring good from gold or silver, you become a partner automatically В2В and already in two weeks get it first cashback, thus the bought good remains for you! The extra charge of cashback takes place equal parts 52 times for a year every Friday. Registration is in a project В2В free of charge, duties before a company for you are not present. You simply become the authorized user!

Due to a project В2В, you return from 88% in the flow of year from the sum of purchase! What anymore sum of purchase, the anymore percent of payments. The maximal percent of profitableness makes 182%.

More detailed about bonuses you can become familiar on a page bonuses systems.  


Register in the system


Define a suitable commodity on a page shop


Accomplish the purchase of the chosen commodity


First payment already in two weeks!

Stop looking for other ways to make money

We offer tremendous opportunities for your earnings.!

Each active partner of the B2B project can receive rewards in the form of bonuses and gifts.

Become a partner

Get passive income or build a career by developing your own network - it's up to you!

Do you dream of your own successful business? You dream of a life full of success and professional achievements? The B2B success ladder is what allows you to make your dreams come true. Build your career with the B2B project, which provides almost unlimited opportunities for revenue growth.

The leading marketers of our company have developed 14 career ranks, thanks to which, each active participant in the B2B project receives a reward in the form of bonuses and gifts. The bigger and more successful your team, the more you earn!

Recommend to buy jewelry in the B2B project, get 8% cashback from each successful collaboration, build your network and get a large referral percentage for all subsequent purchases, committed by invited buyers on your network.

With every step you take, new opportunities open up before you!

You can find more details on how this works on the page ladder of success.

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